Smart business card

The process is simple
1 Enter your name
2 Select a template
3 Edit your online profile

All iOS and Android devices are supported!

No more costs for printing new business cards when your personal information changes – simply update your profile.

A short touch of a business card with your phone is enough.

The built-in chip in the intelligent business card ensures that your contacts, including selected social networks, are displayed on the phone.

A QR code is available for devices without an NFC reader.

Ideal for networking!

Easily share your information with business partners and customers at events, trade shows and other business meetings.
Never worry about having enough business cards with you again.

Affordable and sustainable!

For the price of a few dozen paper business cards, you get an elegant and efficient intelligent business card with constantly updated infromation.

No installation required!

It works on all browsers without installing special software or applications.

Custom design

Are you looking for an even more prestigious smart business card with your logo and additional text? Try our super easy tool.

Design your profile as you like

Create your own profile, choose a color template, add a picture, company logo and the information you want to share.

The profile editing and design tools are intuitive and super-easy to use.

If you don’t believe us, listen to our customers

Gregor PrelesnikGregor Prelesnik

I like new technologies and various gadgets. And so I came across a smart business card. Of course, I ordered it right away. 😊 Useful thing! And everyone who sees it would love to have it. 😊


The team was proactive and helped me adjust the design because I wanted a slightly different look. Now, new potential customers have my contact information and portfolio on their phones in seconds.

Laura MaroltLaura MaroltMarketing manager

The card looks elegant and prestigious. Everyone asks me in amazement how it works. In general, it is advantageous in these "contactless" times. Highly recommend!

Mateja RozmanMateja RozmanSlavist and translator

I received a business card as a gift. At first, it was not entirely clear to me what it was. But then I was thrilled to use it. It's great because you can update the data yourself.

Mark MorrisMark MorrisDirector

For me, practicality is the most important. I no longer have to think about whether I have enough business cards with me and where I will put them. Above all, you don't have to print new ones when you run out of them or change some information. Handy product, works on all phones and also looks good.

Miha RamovšMiha RamovšCommercialist

I am in constant contact with clients at work, and a smart business card is a very useful tool. In general, it comes in handy at fairs, where I add our catalogue as one of the links on the card and share it with other customers and other contacts.


Do I need to install a particular app on my phone for my smart business card to work? What about the other person?

No, you do not need any application to operate the smart business card. The other person also does not require an application to receive data. You access the administration where you edit your profile via a browser.

Which devices support the use of smart business cards?

The smart business card is compatible with almost all mobile devices today. With the QR code printed on the business card, access is extended to virtually any computer device with a built-in camera. Tablets and newer laptops with built-in NFC technology are also supported.

How do I create my profile? What if my data changes after the creation of the profile?

When you receive a smart business card, you will receive instructions on how to activate your personal account. After activation, you will get instructions for creating your own profile. If a change occurs, simply enter new data or change old and save it.

Can I add other digital documents to my profile, like my catalogue?

Any document in digital form can be included in your profile. Simply enter a link to the document and name it meaningfully (say, Our Latest Catalog).

Is the service paid for through a monthly subscription?

There is no monthly subscription for individual smart business cards customers!

Can I include my company logo in my profile?

You can add your company’s logo as the central theme (impersonal) or add a company profile on top of the personal profile by displaying the logo and description.

Where can I turn if I need help and support?

The quickest way to get help or support is to email us at:

I can make smart business cards with my logo with your tool, which is cool but has some limitations. What if I have different design requirements? Do you also offer a quantity discount?

Of course, smart business cards can also be made of any design. We offer quantity discounts when ordering ten or more cards. Please send us an inquiry via the online form.

Is my data secure?

We take your privacy seriously. The connection to your profile is secured with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol and other standardized internet security measures. You are also in complete control of the data you wish to add and share.

Browse and choose your smart business card.
Upon reception, enter the unique code found under your card to activate your personal account.
You’ll get access to create and edit a personal profile after it has been activated. If a change occurs, just enter the updated information and save it.
Your data will be transferred to a phone with just a brief touch of a smart business card.
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